Athlos Leadership Academy Brownsville


Athlos Leadership Academy's  8th grade and varsity teams  are members of  the Texas Charter Schools Academic & Athletic League (TCSAAL). Both divisions competes for district and state titles. ALA is also apart of the IDEA Public School Leagues for 7th & JV programs. We became a member of both leagues in 2014. Since inception, the following championship's have been awarded:
Flag Football
TCSAAL-East District Champions (8th grade, 2016)
Cross Country
IDEA League-3rd place (HS Boys,2016)
Undefeated District Champions, Regional Champions, & State Final Four (8th grade, 2016)
Girls Basketball
IDEA League-District Champions ( 7th grade, 2015-16)
Boys Basketball
TCSAAL-District Champions, Regional Champions, & State Final Four (Varsity Boys, 2015-16)
IDEA League District Champions ( 7th grade, 2015-16) 
TCSAAL-District Champions (8th grade boys, 2016)
Giovanna Pena- Girls Cross Country
IDEA League-District Champion (2014, 2015, 2016) 
TCSAAL-State 5th place medalist (2016)
Luis Guerreo-Boys Cross Country
IDEA League-3rd place Medalist (Varsity, 2016)
Alex Ampuda- Boys Cross Country
IDEA League-2nd place medalist (8th grade, 2016)